When you are purchasing a newly-built home that no one else has occupied, you expect everything will be in perfect order when you move in. However, the only way to confirm that there are no defects is with a new construction inspection performed by a professional home inspector. Here are a few reasons homebuyers order inspections for newly built homes.

A New Construction Inspection Can Alert You to Problems

Even if you trust the company and builder who designed and constructed your home, the subcontractors hired could make mistakes. While you might think of a home inspection as a way to catch problems with an older home, new homes can have issues too.

Construction crews often build new homes on a tight timeline. A worker who misses a step could create a severe problem that goes unnoticed. Companies subcontract work to smaller teams, and it’s challenging to supervise every step of the process. Your home inspector will identify potential problems during a new construction inspection so the builder can fix them before you move in.

Some of the issues that are commonly found during a new construction inspection include:

  • Gaps in the flooring
  • Cracking concrete
  • Poor grading
  • Improperly installed fixtures and appliances
  • Electrical wiring problems
  • Window leaks or gaps
  • Poor ventilation in the kitchen, bathroom, or attic

Building Codes are Minimum Standards

A local building inspector always inspects new homes to verify that they satisfy local code requirements. A new construction inspection by a professional home inspector is a much more detailed and thorough assessment. It focuses on minor issues that might lead to future problems, not just whether or not the minimum requirements have been satisfied.

Prepare to Sell With a New Construction Inspection

You may not be planning to move immediately after purchasing your new home, but you may decide to sell the home someday in the future. If you eventually decide to sell the house, that buyer will perform a home inspection. The inspector will find any problems with the original construction, and, as the seller, you will be responsible for making repairs. Without ordering an inspection of your newly built home, you won’t know of hidden issues that could affect the property’s value in the future.

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