The home inspection is one of the BIGGEST hurdles that a home seller must overcome in order to successfully close the deal and sell their home. Thus it stands to reason that a seller should put forth a lot of effort to ensure that their home is in good condition prior to their home inspection to make the inspection go smoothly.
First impressions, like anything else, is important.  Although an inspector is not including a messy house in a report, it can signal neglect and issues with basic home maintenance.
One of the most important things a homeowner can do to help the inspection process go smoothly is to make it easy for the inspector to do his job.

Here are some tips that sellers can do to help on the day of the inspection:

  • Be sure power, gas and water are turned on
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs – if lights are not working, the inspector will need to check receptacles to determine if it is not working or if bulb is burned out
  • Remove animals from the house or keep them contained in an area that will not be accessed by the inspector (enclosure outside, dog kennel, etc.)
  • Thin out closets so that the inspector can access all areas of the closet
  • Be sure to remove all stored personal items away from the foundation walls and the attic platform
  • Remove items away from interior and exterior walls so inspector can look for cracks, water damage or other issues
  • Clear out items under sinks and cabinets so plumbing and walls, etc. can be inspected
  • Change all air filters to the furnace
  • Make sure all electrical panels, crawlspace access doors, and exterior storage closets are unlocked during the inspection
  • All vegetation should be trimmed back away from the exterior of the home
  • Declutter
  • Keep house tidy and clean… a messy and dirty home can signal signs of neglect